Virtual Injury Prevention
from Healthy Roster

Drop a clinic in at every location you have — give your work athletes instant access to injury experts for triage and prevention!

+ Ergonomics optimization
+ 24/7 visual injury assessments 
+ Ongoing worker wellness checks
+ Interactive training & education
+ Reports & analytics help mitigate risk 

We've got your back and the backs of your team.

Effectively practice injury prevention. Easily handle every incident that occurs.

A Fortune 500 CPG manufacturer came to Healthy Roster to reduce the impact of worker send-outs to the ER for minor incidents. They were averaging 2 to 3 send-outs every month.

On 2nd & 3rd shifts, with no other available choices, supervisors sent workers offsite for a medical consultation for MSDs. 

+ They needed to reduce their Recordable Incident Rate

+ Cut their Lost Workday Rate

+ And lower the DART Rate

They set up our Virtual Injury Prevention pilot and, in under 60 days:

+ They had 0 worker send-outs to the ERs and clinics

+ 5-6 potential ER visits were eliminated

+ 0 lost work days and 0 recordables

+ Worker morale improved and productivity increased. They love it!

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The Only Scalable, Always-on Workplace Injury Prevention Program

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"At the end of the day, I've got less call-ins, less sicknesses, less 'Hey, I'm sore because of this or that' issues. It's just promoted a better lifestyle. It's very good to see."

—Travis, Plant Manager

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